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We're a Community Interest Company at the forefront of broadband and mobile connectivity in the UK. Our Fibre to the Property (FTTP) services offer fast, reliable, state-of-the-art connectivity to meet the needs of residents and businesses around the Raveningham Estate in South Norfolk. We can provide gigabit speeds when required, and our service portfolio can meet your needs not only today but for the foreseeable future.

We are passionate about delivering connectivity solutions that meet the needs of our rural community and which:

  • allow unfettered connections for TV, laptops, PCs, tablets and mobiles

  • don't slow you down or constrain the needs of your family or business

  • are cost-effective, meaning you can get packages which are  similar in price to much slower copper based services from the incumbent suppliers

  • allow you to have top-quality phone service at lower price -- both for your landline and your mobile when used at home or in the office

  • are reliable and for for purpose, and are unaffected by rain, ice, storms and snow

  • are delivered underground -- with no more need for unsightly poles and wires

  • can provide world-class TV and digital radio, with no need for aerials or satellite dishes

  • meet the growing needs of families and rural businesses

  • support the needs of care for the elderly in our communities

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